RENOVA Stroy Group takes part in Russia’s Construction Sector 2007 Exhibition

13 August 2007 (15:12)

RENOVA Stroy Group is taking part in Russia’s Construction Sector 2007 Exhibition held in Crocus Expo Center in Moscow. Among the highlights of the exhibition are some multi-faceted area development projects, with one of them (the Academic Multi-Faceted Area Development Project) presented by RENOVA. This project provides for a construction of a new residential area in the south-west of Yekaterinburg fit for 325,000 people.

The construction of the future Academic district of Yekaterinburg is now in full swing, with builders getting the area ready for installation of engineering facilities and constructing roads. This year, they will start putting up the first living quarter with about 140,000 square meters of real estate, including 80,000 square meters of the future dwellings.

RENOVA’s exhibition stand was checked out by head of the Federal Construction and Housing Maintenance and Utilities Sergey Kruglik, who discussed the way the project was going with President of RENOVA Stroy Group Veniamin Golubitskiy. Mr. Kruglik emphasized the importance of creating a transport link (a high-speed tram that would take the future dwellers from Academic district to the center of the city within 15 to 18 minutes). Mr. Kruglik said a new tram type was crucial to the city since Yekaterinburg has had neither this means of transportation nor the experience of setting it up before. He also commented on the need for all kinds of authorities to cooperate when working on the introduction of the new tram; to facilitate this, Mr. Kruglik intends to hold a meeting attended by representatives of Sverdlovsk Region Government, Yekaterinburg municipal council, and RENOVA Stroy Group.

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