Academic district solves engineering infrastructure problem, Rustem Galeev says

26 September 2008 (07:21)

Yekaterinburg’s future Academic district is a grand-scale project. The things Renova-StroyGroup-Akademicheskoye has already done leave no one doubting that the project will definitely be completed. The national Affordable Housing project is impossible to implement through putting separate buildings sporadically within the existing city’s boundaries, so large-scale multi-faceted area development appears to be a solution to the problem. Academic is a project of such kind quite unique to Russia, as the builders are working on a whole new city district,’ says Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s CEO Rustem Galeev.

‘Such districts’ major advantage lies in the fact that they provide for creating the entire engineering infrastructure from scratch. What is more, everything is being done on the basis of the most advanced technologies and is expected to work trouble-free for decades,’ he adds.

‘This multi-faceted area development will hopefully make housing construction less expensive, so housing prices might gradually become truly affordable,’ the expert notes.

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