SOT gets power station machinery license

19 June 2008 (08:46)

Chelyabinsk-based SOT, a company dealing in production of pipeline bends and part of Rimera (ChTPZ Group’s O&G maintenance division), is now the proud owner of a license that allows the enterprise to produce machinery meant for nuclear power stations. The license was issued by Rostechnadzor (the state environmental, technological, and nuclear safety watchdog).

Getting this license means SOT can now manufacture pipeline fittings that will be employed in the nuclear power industry.

‘The energy sector is on the rise now, new heat and nuclear power stations are being put up, while the existing facilities get renovated as well. This means the demand for pipeline fittings is enormous. Entering the nuclear power industry market is going to produce a synergic effect when it comes to all-round delivery packages consisting of pipes, fittings, and pipeline blocks,’ the spokesperson for ChTPZ Group said to UrBC.

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