UEMZ, RASU to Sign Equipment Delivery Contract

5 February 2019 (09:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 5, 2019. Ural Electromechanical Plant (UEMZ) and Rosatom Corporation’s Rusatom Automated Control Systems (RASU) are going to sign a contract for the delivery of components for the diverse protection system at Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2’s Power-Generating Unit 2 this February, UEMZ’s press service reports.

The contract amounts to RUB 21.6 million all in all and has to be completed by June 24, 2019.

‘Processing an order that is this responsible in the amount of time that is this short (before the end of QII’19) means both extra workload for our production facilities and enormous responsibility to the Leningrad Nuclear Power Station 2 team. Missing the delivery deadline, even by just a little, will result in considerable money loss for the nuclear station and penalties for UEMZ,’ the press service says.

Even though the plant’s produce meets all of the nuclear station’s requirements, additional lab testing will have to take place before the equipment can get shipped to customer. As a matter of fact, UEMZ has carried out similar tests successfully before.

Once the contract with Leningrad Nuclear Power Station goes through, both UEMZ and RASU have much better chances of getting more similar deals with nuclear power stations in Russia and abroad.

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