Olips commissions new apartment block

6 March 2008 (08:47)

Olips, one of Yekaterinburg’s developers, has recently commissioned the first apartment block from Sozvezdiye complex in Belinskiy St.-Fuchik St.-Vosmoye Marta St. This eighteen-storey building with the total area of 9,842 square meters (94 apartments and 15 built-in compartments on the first, second, and third floors) is part of the total 80,000-suare-meter complex.

All the apartments in the block have already been sold out; the company’s CFO Evgeniy Melnikov says this impressive demand can be explained by the nice location, developed infrastructure and proximity of a kindergarten, a school, a shopping center, and the availability of transport links. Besides, the developer created a brand new street to make it easier for the dwellers to drive up to the building, while the quality of the apartments is quite good as well.

The second apartment block will be commissioned at the end of 2008. Apart from Sozvezdiye project, Olips has already built a set of blocks in Kraul St.- Tokari St. with the total area of 42,000 square meters, and a club-type apartment block in Banniy Lane with the total area of 5,000 square meters.

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