Nizhniy Tagil Iron & Steel Works removes over 500 radiation sources in 25 years

Nizhniy Tagil Iron & Steel Works’ radiation safety service is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. Over the last 25 years, the service believes it has managed to detect and remove 517 radiation sources. Their actions resulted in cancellation of the already scheduled assembling of 212 heightened danger devices and disposal of 305 batches of radioactive materials, the spokesperson for Evraz Group said to UrBC.

The plant’s radiation safety service has received governmental accreditation by now; its laboratory consists of 26 unique pieces of equipment that make it possible to gauge the radiation level indoors, measure different materials’ specific radioactivity, and perform individual radiological monitoring. For six years, the company’s experts had been doing a large-scale research on the contents of the corporate cinder yard and looked into ways of making them meet all the sanitary norms and requirements. They also elaborated a system of radiation control over the scrap metal delivered onto the company’s premises by road and rail.

The Service was set up in 1982. This department’s main job is to make sure the metallurgists’ working environment, as well as the raw stuffs they handle and the produce they come up with are radiation-free.

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