Nizhneserginskiy plant detects radioactive scrap metal

‘Nizhneserginskiy metal goods plant is Sverdlovsk Region’s primary consumer of scrap metal, so about 30,000 carriages of the product get delivered here every year. The plant’s highly efficient radiation control system makes it possible to detect each and every instance of possibly radioactive materials arriving on its premises. We have 100% control over the scrap metal,’ the plant’s press service reports.

As recently as last year, numerous batches of scrap metal with alarming radiation background were registered at the enterprise. According to the Ministry for Natural Resources, these shipments were supplied by OOO EnergoKomplekt, Yekaterinburg-Vtormet, ZAO Sverdlvtormet, and some others.

‘In case some dangerous scrap metal is detected, we notify the surveillance authorities in accordance with the existing law. These authorities haven’t got any claims to lay against us. The fact that only single instances when scrap metal with alarming radiation background is found at the plant occur actually proves that both our suppliers and our company itself have efficient radiation control systems and take all the steps necessary to deactivate the source of the radiation,’ the press service says.

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