Khortytsa presents its production process online

Khortytsa Distillery is for the first time giving all of its customers a chance to watch their production process online using the company’s official website.

The spokesperson for the company says guaranteed quality is becoming a must for someone who wants to be successful on the strong drinks market, so producers come up with more and more ways of enhancing the customers’ loyalty to and faith in the product. Khortytsa goes for production upgrades every six months, and their last innovation consisted in installing web cameras in all of the production departments. There are cameras in the bottlery, in the packing area, in the paprika treatment department, and in a number of other places. The visual data are transferred from the cameras right onto Khortytsa’s official website (

Given the market statistics, the company’s trying to be ever-inventive has proved quite fruitful, as Khortytsa is now one of the world’s leading exporters of vodka; their produce is supplied to 77 different countries, including Russia. Last year, Khortytsa was the world’s No. 3 vodka-maker, only outstripped by Smirnoff and Absolut.

'The easiest way to win a customer’s heart is to be as transparent and as accountable for the product’s quality as possible. Our customers are our most important market partners, so we are now giving every one of them a chance to watch the whole process of creating a perfect quality drink without setting foot outside their house,’ Khortytsa’s Marketing Director Sergey Velichko says.

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