Khortytsa grabs 28% of Ukrainian strong drinks market

14 May 2007 (11:06)

Khortytsa’s (aka Hortiza) share of Ukrainian strong drinks market grew 10% over a year to make the company the country’s record-setting No.1, Khortytsa’s spokesman reports.

MEMRB IRI (, the major international research company, looked at the company’s success in the first months of 2007 and stated the consumers kept changing their preferences in favor of Khortytsa, whose market share has been rising all the time over the last 18 months. Khortytsa’s sales amounted to 28% of all the sales on the strong drinks market in March 2007, which made the distillery Ukraine’s top strong drinks producer, followed by Nemiroff (11%), Medoff (9%) and Bilenka (9%).

‘The company’s new achievement proves that Khortytsa is the country’s most dynamically developing trademark among the strong drink makers as well as the ultimate market leader. Khortytsa now crowns the Top 100 Most Dynamic Companies list, outstripping all of its rivals in terms of net profit growth. The producer’s 300% annual production growth is the greatest among all Ukrainian distilleries,’ PR Director of Khortytsa’s Russian representation Svetlana Odintsova said to UrBC.

Founded in 2003, Khortytsa Distillery has been Ukraine’s largest strong drinks producer ever since; its monthly throughput is now estimated at 1.5 million deciliters; the company is on the world’s Top 5 strong drinks producers list, with vodka and other drinks exported to 45 countries all over the world. Ukraine’s consumer rights watchdog states Khortytsa is the only brand that has never had its produce adulterated.

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