Evrazruda tests new equipment

3 August 2007 (14:37)

Experts of Novokuznetsk-based paramilitary mine-rescue team have successfully completed testing one of the new fans employed as part of the venting and air heating system installed at Abakanskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda (Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group). For two days, the experts had been doing a special depression survey that would allow them to indicate the direction and speed of the air streams within the mine. It’s going to take them one and a half months to process these data and come up with a list of recommendations for Abakanskiy management.

The new venting and air heating system is expected to be launched as soon as all the recommendation-based measures have been taken and all the papers are placed with Rostechnadzor (the state environmental, technological, and nuclear safety watchdog). The system is used to supply fresh air to deep mine levels; in the winter, the air can be made warm. Deep-level mining that will be made possible due to the system is believed to help the subsidiary reach its target output figures.

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