Abakanskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda JSC introduces modern gig

29 June 2006 (13:22)

Abakanskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda JSC, Russian ore maker and part of Evraz Group, put into operation a modern TSR-4 gig at its Vozdukhovydayuschiy groove. This gig provides for the second bucket hoisting from the floor of -200 meters. All the assembling (which took a year to complete) was performed by the company’s technicians.

The second bucket hoisting will allow to raise the muck output and, for the time being, could be used as the emergency exit. In addition, the stationary extra lift with cage windingклетьевой подъем in Kletyevoy groove will have been introduced by 2007. It is expected to become the second automated emergency exit from the floor of -200m and is now being developed and designed by Sibgiproruda JSC.

Kletyevoy groove is a fang where an air channel meant for supplying air from the ventilation unit surface onto the deep mine floors is currently being advanced. The air will go to all spots that need airing and then the used air will go up Vozdukhovydayuschiy groove

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