Pervouralsk surveyed on how to make local plant go green

6 July 2007 (11:56)

Pervouralsk-based NGOs are almost done surveying the city dwellers on their proposals regarding the conservational and social welfare project to be implemented at Pervouralsk Tube Works. The survey is part of a protocol signed by the plant management and the city’s environmentalists in May 2007. The main idea behind the survey is getting the people’s opinion on how the plant should be renovated, especially in terms of putting up an electric furnace steelmaking facility. The company’s top executives are also trying to take into account the population’s preferences when improving on their conservational and social welfare programs.

Over 2,000 people out of the planned 5,000 have been polled so far. It appears the city dwellers are aware of the future construction and like it that the building is going to be both socially and environmentally friendly. They say, though, that simply planting some greenery on the premises is not enough and suggest putting up special screens on the site and certain types of windows in the nearby houses that would prevent the dust and noise from spreading any further.

According to chairman of Pervouralsk, My Home Town A. Slabuka, people most often complain of the poor quality of water, lack of play areas for children, and bad roads.

'Once we’ve processed the data we’ll get, we are going to come up with an action plan for the company’s management as well as for the local government and the city’s public services,’ Mr. Slabuka said.

The surveying will have been finished by mid-July.

'We intend to stick to each point of our plan, so the plant will just have to take our opinion into account,’ President of Green City fund Yuri Boyar said to UrBC.

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