6,000 drug –related crimes prevented by law-enforcement agencies of Ural Federal District in January-March 2007

26 April 2007 (12:53)

The Department of Internal Affairs in Ural Federal District and regional division of the Federal Drug Control Service revealed and prevented nearly 6,000 drug-related crimes in January-March 2007, which is 10% better than a year earlier (the figure comes to 31% in Sverdlovsk Region, to 14.7% in Chelyabinsk Region, and to 7.2% in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region), says the spokesperson for Prosecutor-General's Office in Ural Federal District.

So far this year, officers have been able to prevent over 4,000 drug-selling attempts, including those with very large portions of drugs involved. They have placed more drug-related cases to courts as well: more than 1,800 people will have to undergo criminal trials, which exceeds the figures for January-March 2006 by 42%.

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