Regional law-enforcement officers reveal 270 corruption-related crimes in January-March 2007

28 April 2007 (12:24)

Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities met to discuss the ways of enhancing the efficiency of cooperation in the field of fighting bribery among law-enforcement agencies of different types.

It was reported that 270 corruption-related crimes that jeopardized the state and the civil service had been revealed in January-March 2007, compared to only 629 cases disclosed over the entire year 2006. In addition to this, there were more general inspections aimed at finding offenses in the field of state and municipal service: the region’s prosecutors revealed 172 such offenses in the first quarter of 2007 compared to only 62 in January-March 2006.

The meeting resulted in the decision to take a number of urgent steps targeted at creating better public prospectors’ surveillance mechanisms and making the performance of other law-enforcement officers more effective as well.

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