Offenses in regional fuel and energy complex result in 260 million RUR worth of damage in January-March 2007

4 June 2007 (12:22)

Law-enforcement officers of Ural Federal District have been trying hard to fight offences in the field of fuel and energy complex; according to the public prosecution authorities of Ural Federal District, complex inspections and surveillance measures have already resulted in prevention of ,500 crimes, including 1,873 cases of theft, more than 80 cases of illegal entrepreneurial activity, 140 attempts of large-scale tax evasion, 35 cases of money-laundering, and 54 environmental offenses related to poaching of mineral resources. Most cases have already been processed in local courts, with perpetrators receiving their sentences. 240 offenders were sentenced to long terms in prison. In addition, local law-enforcement officers managed to recover over 260 million RUR worth of damage done by the criminals.

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