Bank Interaction Committee meets in Yekaterinburg

26 April 2007 (12:57)

Bank Interaction Committee (chaired by Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government and Minister of Economics and Labor Galina Kovaleva) met in Yekaterinburg. Their meeting was attended by executives from 40 regional and federal banks and law-enforcement officers.

Some of the reports were presented by acting head of the Bank of Russia in Sverdlovsk Region L. Malykh, chairman of Ural Union of Bankers V. Muranova, first deputy chairman of Ural Bank of Sberbank of Russia L. Shilchikova, director of Yekaterinburg-based office of URSA Bank M. Krasnikov, director of B. Dyakonov, and subsidiary director of URALSIB S. Shelkovoy.

The agenda of the meeting covered issues of banking development and its main directions in 2006-2008, the activity of Ural Union of Bankers, protection of creditors’ rights, making banking services more accessible, developmental prospects of URSA Bank in Sverdlovsk Region, and the national program known as Affordable Housing to Russian Citizens.

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