Chairman of SKB-Bank Vladimir Pukhov meets Management of Bank of Russia

5 February 2007 (11:54)

The opening ceremony of a traditional two-day meeting of Russian bankers with the management of the Bank of Russia took place in the vicinity of Moscow on February 1, 2007. The event was coordinated by the Association of Regional Russian Banks.

The meeting was attended by Sergey Ignatiev, chairman of The Central Bank of Russia, and deputy chairmen Gennadiy Melikyan and Viktor Melnikov, as well as by the Bank’s directors Lyudmila Gudenko, Nadezhda Ivanova, Alexei Simanovskiy, Mikhail Sukhov, Sergey Golubev, and Elena Ischenko, reports Association Russia.

The agenda of the event covers a report devoted to the regulation of commercial banks by the Central Bank of Russia, to be followed by a discussion of the law on the currency regulation and control.

The Ural bankers are to be represented by chairman of SKB-Bank Vladimir Pukhov, reports the spokesperson for SKB-Bank.

According to Association Russia, the meeting will be followed by a press conference on what the banks might expect in 2007 on February 5, 2007. President of the Association of Regional Russian Banks, member of the National Bankers’ Council Anatoliy Aksakov, Central Bank of Russia’s executives, managers of regional banks, and media representatives are expected to attend.

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