Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development sets up office in skyscraper

2 May 2007 (15:50)

A new office of Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development was set in operation in the course of a solemn ceremony on April 27, 2007. Yekaterinburg’s first bank-hosting skyscraper is located at the heart of the business quarter at 67 Sacco & Vanzetti St. The symbolic ribbon-cutting ritual was performed by the bank’s president Sergey V. Dymshakov, Head of the Central Bank of Russia in Sverdlovsk Region Sergey V. Sorvin, and Chair of the Union of Ural Bankers Valentina V. Muranova. At a press briefing that followed, the bank’s management spoke on the success of their business in 2006 and presented the reporters with their developmental strategy. Mr. Dymshakov laid special emphasis on the use of SAP system and the single workplace concept, currently unique to the banking market. Mr. Sorvin wished Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development good luck in the achievement of their goals and setting new records.

‘Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development has a broad network of subsidiaries and offices and is continuously trying to set up even more of them, providing services to all the customers in Sverdlovsk Region. This introduction of the banks’ new headquarters signifies the arrival of Yekaterinburg’s first bank-hosting skyscraper,’ Mr. Sorvin said.

Ms Muranova said she appreciated the bank’s attempts to become more accessible to its clients.

‘Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is one of Sverdlovsk Region’s oldest commercial banks. Its growth dynamics indicate that it keeps developing as well as taking greater care of its customers. There is not a single district in Yekaterinburg without this bank’s office now,’ she said.

The opening ceremony was also attended by the representatives of the local banking community, the bank’s shareholders, business partners and clients as well as the city’s leading business reporters, says the bank’s press officer.

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