Regional banks outstrip target development figures by 37%

16 April 2007 (07:24)

Deputy Minister for Economics and Labor of Sverdlovsk Region Anatoly Ogloblin coordinated the meeting of the committee for development and implementation of Sverdlovsk Region productive forces in 2006-2015. This time, the committee tried to analyze the banking sector development, look into small business dynamics, and estimate the potential of the region’s scientific research centers.

According to First Deputy Minister for Economics and Labor Nikolai Bespamyatnikh, most of the goals defined in the developmental schemes for last year were achieved. Moreover, most of the target figures were exceeded considerably. The balance sheet total of the regional banks, for example, outstripped the target figures by 37%; they also managed to attract 60% more investments and to raise their assets by 70%.

There are 24 banks, one crediting organization, 91 subsidiaries of regional, Russian, and international banks in Sverdlovsk Region at the moment. They have been financing large investment projects and offering businesses enough loans to cover their needs. Besides, most banks are now involved in the so-called national projects. Their consumer and mortgage lending are developing at a particularly impressive rate; more and more individuals are now going for bank cards, and more ATMs are being introduced.

Sverdlovsk Region gets more banking services than other parts of Russia (the index comes to 1.6 times that of Russian average, excluding Moscow and Moscow Region).

Given these impressive achievements, the members of the committee approved of the changes in the developmental scheme proposed by the Central Bank of Russia and Ural Banking Union.

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