44.2 kilometers of roads to be constructed in Yekaterinburg soon, city council says

16 March 2007 (08:00)

Alexander Jakob, First Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg, has recently conducted a meeting devoted to town planning prospects in 2007. The main point on the agenda concerned the prospective network of trunk roads. There are thrice as many cars in the city today as in 1900; the total length of the urban roads comes to 880.1 kilometers, which is obviously not enough. The improvement committee is planning to construct another 44.2 kilometers of roads in the near future, including nine interchanges; in addition, a number of streets is to be restored. Pulvimixer is still to be used as the primary component of the pavement, since it provides for good road quality and increases its durability. Pulvimixer was used on 136,000 square meters of roads in 2004; last year, the figure came to 347,000 square meters, reports the spokesperson for the city council.

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