Yekaterinburg Adopts Plan to Build Roads in Akademicheskiy

8 July 2019 (10:36)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 8, 2019. Yekaterinburg Council adopted a plan for the landmarking and the layout of parts of District Akademicheskiy meant for road-building, the town council’s official website states.

The plan has to do with the prospective construction of roads in Akademik Sakharov Ave (from Sukhodolskaya St to Ryabinin St); Sukhodolskaya St (from Tenistaya St to Khrustalnogorskaya St); Evgeny Savkov St (from Khrustalnogorskaya St to Kosoturskaya St); Kosoturskaya St (from Evgeny Savkov St to the existing section of Sukhodolskaya St and the River Patrushikha canal).

‘The construction will take place in the area that is 46.54 hectares large, with 2 km worth of roads all in all (curb-to-curb width: 7.5 meters for the local thoroughfare and 16 meters for Grade III main thoroughfare; pavement width: 2.5 to 4.5 meters; cycle lane width: 3 meters). 1.4 km worth of the River Patrushikha canal will get modified for the road-building purposes as well. Under the terms of the town council-run program (The Capital), the roads will get designed and built in 2019-2021,’ the town council says.

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