Building materials producer of Chelyabinsk assesses its achievements in 2005

27 February 2006 (10:50)

Chelyabinsk-Stroyindustriya Manufacturing Commercial Enterprise Ltd. (part of ChelSI) building materials producer of Chelyabinsk, repaired 159 kilometers of roads in 2005, including 73.8 kilometers of federal highways and 85.2 kilometers of city roads (Gorky St, Komsomolskiy Ave, Brothers Kashirini St, Gagarin St, Tankograd St, Svoboda St, Zhukov St, Tchaikovsky St, Meridian Rd, Troitskiy highway).

The enterprise fitted 259,192 square meters of road concrete mix, 16,800 square meters of paving slabs, 26,030 meters of curbing, 32,368 fencing units, reports ChelSI spokesperson.

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