BusinessManCenter currently under construction has no building permits, claims lawyer Ivan Kadochnikov

26 January 2007 (07:58)

‘BusinessManCenter currently put up by MAN Center has no construction permits or agreements. It is not known whether the land was officially registered, the deadlines were never met. It looks like the saying they have about Russian developers (one should extend their deadlines and multiply prices by two) is true as far as this building is concerned,’ lawyer Ivan Kadochnikov said to UrBC representative.

‘MAN has been revealing some alarming symptoms; the company’s agreements, perfect from the point of law, protect neither the investors nor the people who buy an apartment in the would-be building. If this builder’s friendly relations with the city council happen to be terminated one day, the company will follow the suit of UISC,’ Mr Kadochnikov said.

According to the data provided by the State Architectural Surveillance Inspectorate under the Council of Yekaterinburg, BusinessManCenter cannot get a permit since the original project never underwent the expert examination. This would-be office center is a case of unauthorized construction; the only permission it did receive was the permission to engage in building and assembly jobs.

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