BusinessManCenter office center has no building permission

19 December 2006 (12:50)

‘BusinessManCenter office center has no building permission,’ the employee of Town Planning Surveillance Inspectorate Irina Snegireva said to UrBC representative.

‘The construction of this building is totally unauthorized, since BusinessManCenter only was allowed to do the building and assembly jobs, and not put up the whole building – this permission requires a separate set of documents,’ Ms Snigireva said.

UrBC’s sources report that apart from having no permission, the launch of the project has already been delayed by a year. Besides, the owners of the would-be offices were asked to pay some extra money for decorating the hallways.

According to the source, it is still not clear who is going to own these areas that will be used by pretty much everyone. It is also uncertain how the share of money to be taken from each office owner is going to be calculated.

MAN Company, the developer, is not trying to deny the fact of delay. They had originally promised to open the site at the end of 2005 or at the beginning of 2006, but reported that it would only be the end of 2006 or beginning of 2007.

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