Academic construction project might become part of national Available and Comfortable Housing to Russian Citizens program, claims Managing Director of project Stanislav Pridvizhkin

30 November 2006 (12:44)

‘When putting up this housing complex, we are trying to combine the implementation of the multi-faceted area development concept with its scientific justification,’ the Managing Director of Academic construction project Stanislav Pridvizhkin aanounced at today’s conference of Union of Sverdlovsk Region Builders.

‘Our aim is to achieve the synergy effect: we’ll create an area suitable for both living and doing business, as well as for dealing in trade, personal services, and creating the entertainment infrastructure. This means we use the multi-purpose approach to town planning; this project naturally requires a lot of investments, this is why we need the mechanism that would ensure cooperation between a private business and a state. As Academic construction project is a large-scale one, it can become part of the national Available and Comfortable Housing to Russian Citizens program.’

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