Evrazruda subsidiaries undergo working conditions certification

11 May 2006 (08:52)

Gorno-Shakhtskiy and Irbinksiy subsidiaries of Evrazruda, Russian ore maker, located in Kemerov Region and Krasnoyarsk Region, respectively, have recently undergone working conditions certification procedure that lasted for 6 months.

According to Evrazruda spokesperson, the company executives carried out the full examination and assessment of working conditions against the technical, technological, safety, and organizational standards. Some of the working places were found suitable, some of them only partly so; now the company is taking steps to improve the quality of the latter.

Thus the only subsidiary that still hasn’t gone through certification is Teiskiy of Khakasia; this should be changed by the end of 2006.

The important thing is that the companies with workplaces that did meet the requirements will be able to give less to the social insurance fund, which will allow to invest this money into preventive steps, decreasing the umber of accidents, and illness prophylaxis.

What is more, these companies may apply for safety certificates that prove the outstanding level of their labor safety management. Abagurskiy, Gurievskiy, Kazskiy, Mundybashskiy, and Tashtagolskiy subsidiaries possess such certificates already.

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