Irbinskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda upgrades its motor vehicle fleet

31 August 2006 (12:58)

Irbinskiy subsidiary of Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) received a new 55-ton truck as part of the technical modernization of the mine. This new vehicle will replace the obsolete 42-ton truck in transporting the muck, thus making it possible for the enterprise to achieve its annual production targets.

The subsidiary now owns twenty-four trucks altogether, sixteen of them being 55-ton ones and eight being 42-ton ones. As the fleet of 42-ton trucks is rather worn out, the company is thinking of gradually putting them out of use and replacing them with the new 55-ton trucks.

The fleet is being upgraded in the other subsidiaries of Evrazruda as well. Two new 30-ton trucks were acquired for Gorno-Shorskiy mine in April 2006. Three new automated 55-ton dumpers and six 36-ton Volvo dumpers will have been received by Teyskiy subsidiary, to be used for transporting the muck from Izykhgolskoye deposit.

Besides, the company’s vehicle technicians are to obtain eight more trucks for technological conveyance in the subsidiaries and four cars customized for transporting explosives needed for ore breaking, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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