Chelyabinsk Region legislature approves of regional program proposed by President of Magnesite Group to support risk-group families and children in 2007

The regional deputies have approved of the special program targeted at helping risk-group families and children in 2007; the project was originally proposed by the President of Magnesite Group Sergey Korostelev.

The new program is expected to enhance the efficiency of the regional family-friendly programs as well programs aimed at preventing family instability and helping unsupervised children, minors, and so-called social orphans.

The program is partly based on its successful counterpart in Satkinskiy municipal district. It is supposed to involve creation of a multi-faceted system of preventive, corrective, and rehabilitating measures aimed at risk-group families and children, that is, those at an early stage of social insecurity, in five municipal areas of Chelyabinsk Region (Ashinksiy, Katav-Ivanovskiy, Satkinskiy, Zlatoustovskiy, and Ust-Katavskiy). The program will be run for one year (2007) using the money from the regional budget (20m RUR). The local self-governing councils are allowed to design their own projects and use the money from the local budgets as well. This is a pilot program, so after its effectiveness has been assessed, the legislature will decide whether something similar should be introduced in other areas of the region.

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