Building Materials Group Ltd. fined for using illegal copies of Microsoft software

‘Following the administrative trial, Building Materials Group Ltd. will have to pay the fine of 35,000 RUR and submit nine system units with pirated software worth over 130,000 RUR,’ reported the spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk Region.

‘The preliminary investigation brought to light that Building Materials Group was using illegal copies of Microsof software, so now the case has been transferred to court. The charge concerned Article 7.12 (part 1) of Russian Administrative Code: infringement of copyright and neighboring rights) and was looked into by the Justice of the Peace of Ordzhonikidzevskiy District of Yekaterinburg; the case was placed with the court by the Public Prosecutor of Ordzhonikidzevskiy District when it was revealed that the company was using pirated software,’ the spokesperson said.

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