Case on Microsoft copyright infringement closed in Nizhniy Tagil

The Justice of Peace looked into the evidence provided by Nizhniy Tagil’s Tagilstroyevskiy district public prosecutor and returned the verdict of guilty upon a twenty-four-year-old administrator of a local entertainment center. The accused was originally charged with copyright infringement that affected Microsoft Corporation and Adobe Systems.

It was detected by the court that Alexander Botanov had illegitimately bought, stored, and transported pirated copies of Windows XP Professional SP3 Russian Version, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Russian Version, and other kinds of software products on three compact disks. Botanov then offered these products for sale through a printed medium, whereupon the local militia obtained the grounds for inspecting the suspect’s activity. In the course of a ‘mystery customer’ purchase, Alexander Botanov sold the officers some CDs with counterfeit software products.

The man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 10,000-ruble fine.

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