Yekaterinburg resident to pay fine for illegal use of Microsoft software

26 February 2015 (14:42)

February 26, 2015. Yekaterinburg Kirovsky District Court pronounced a verdict of guilty on Dmitri Luzhnov, who was involved in a criminal lawsuit with charges based on large-scale copyright infringement (Article 146 (Part 2) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code), the press officer of Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities reports.

It was determined by the court that Luzhnov advertised his software installation services online in December 2014. He then obtained illegal distribution copies of Microsoft software products on the Internet and kept them in order to sell later.

On the same day, Luzhnov illegally installed 113,000 RUR worth of software products onto a PC of an undercover police officer and charged 3,000 RUR for the service. Once the payment transaction had been made, Luzhnov was detained by the police.

The court found the accused guilty and sentenced him to a 5,000-ruble fine.

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