Vysokogorskiy ore mining and processing enterprise launches planning campaign among managers

Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (part of Evraz Group) launches a long-term planning campaign among its managers. The plans must be targeted at cutting the company’s production costs. One project, proffered by the Head of Heat-and-Power Engineering Shop, involves changing the way the boilers operate, and this project has already proved to save quite a bit of money in terms of electricity bills.

The managerial long-term planning practice was introduced in 2006 at the initiative of the Personnel Director. These plans are designed in order to stimulate initiative, production efficiency, and quality of performance. A regular plan covers measures aimed at minimizing the norms of outgoings, reducing the terms of repairs, and enhancing labour productivity. All the proposals are introduced quarterly and supervised by the Managing Director.

According to the plans, the fourth quarter of 2006 will be devoted to over 20 innovations, such as introducing the slime-processing technology to get additional iron-ore concentrate, using lightweight fortifiers for mine openings based on the condition of the levels and their technical function. The managers are now drawing up their plans for 2007, reports the spokesperson for Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.

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