Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise upgrades its gas-tracking facilities

2 November 2006 (12:56)

Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (part of Evraz Group) upgraded its gas-tracking facilities located in the boiler and the ignition furnaces of agglomachines of Lebyazhinskiy agglomeration shop and in the boiler of Vysokogorskiy processing shop.

These improvements provide for more reliable data on gas consumption and allow the company to keep track of its spending patterns as well as reduce their gas bills. The enterprise obtained the technical provisos from the gas supplier and had to redo its calculations and buy some new meters that were fixed in places with dramatic shifts in gas consumption. These meters are now recording all the changes in the gas flow. The equipment performs just as effectively even when there are great temperature shifts.

Next year, such meters will be installed in the boiler of Estyuninskaya mine; the enterprise is also planning to buy special heat and electricity meters, reports the spokesperson for Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.

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