Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar keeps experimenting with iron content database

5 October 2006 (13:58)

Vanadium, Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar (part of Evraz Group), keeps trying to expand the database containing information on iron content in the ore the company extracts. The corporate technicians are currently busy making a new iron-distribution map of the development fields for 2007. The data on iron content and distribution are to be obtained via drilling wildcat wells, well testing, and use of geophysical methods. Provided such diagnostic is precise, it will raise the production throughput impressively.

The development of Gusevogorskoye deposit of titaniferous magnetite ore in Kachkanar was originally scheduled based on the iron content, yet this is magnetite, or lode, that is primarily used at the technologic stage and this is the foundation of concentrate-obtaining process (which is the main product of the enterprise). So this posed the company’s exerts with the problem of more precise diagnostic of the ore content and properties, reports the spokesperson for Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar

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