Ore mining and processing enterprise of Kachkanar keeps renovating processing shop

13 July 2006 (12:50)

Three new magnetic filters have recently been installed at the processing shop of Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of Kachkanar (part of Evraz Group), which is part of the complex renovation program. The enterprise bought 15 new magnetic filters made by Rudgormash of Voronezh at the beginning of March. In April, the company’s technicians from the repair center installed the first seven filters in the magnetic separation area.

This renovation is targeted at increasing the efficiency of ore processing technologies, namely, at making the process less expensive. The upgrading should result in more concentrate being produced and less magnetic iron being lost in the process of magnetic separation.

The equipment is being replaced by the experts from the company’s processing shop and the technicians from the repair center, reports the spokesperson for Evraz Group.

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