General Director of RosEnergoAtom Sergey Obozov visits Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant on September 5, 2006

8 September 2006 (12:52)

General Director of RosEnergoAtom Sergey Obozov visited Beloyarskaya power plant on September 5, 2006. This visit had been planned for and was not connected with any extraordinary issues. Mr Obozov was appointed acting General Director of RosEnergoAtom in March 2006 and has already visited all of Russia’s nuclear power plants since. Yet Beloyarskaya became the first plant to receive Mr Obozov in the capacity of GD proper after he won the application contest on Septermber 1, 2006.

Mr Obozov visited BN-800, the power generating unit currently under construction, and the operating BN-600. He also held a meeting with the plant management devoted to all aspects of its operation, namely, putting power generating units 1 and 2 out of operation, extending the life of Bn-600, and speeding up the construction of Bn-800. The central managerial tier of RosEnergoAtom and the executives of Beloyarskaya power plant developed a common strategy targeted at successful accomplishment of the above-mentioned goals. In addition, Mr Obozov discussed the ways of meeting the BN-800 construction deadlines with UralEnergoStroy Management Company Ltd., the general contractor, reports the spokesperson for the plant.

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