Technical Director of RosEnergoAtom Nikolai Sorokin visits Beloyarskaya nuclear power station

13 July 2006 (13:00)

Deputy General Director and Technical Director of RosEnergoAtom Nikolai Sorokin visited Beloyarskaya nuclear power station on July 11, 2006 in order to hold a meeting with the station management.

Mr Sorokin examined the constriction site of the new BN-800 feeding unit as well as the currently operating BN-600, reports the spokesperson for the station.

The meeting was devoted to the current state of the units, the construction process, and the possible solutions to the following problems: safe storage of spend fuel from units 1 and 2 in the cooling ponds, extending the estimated life of BN-600 up to 2025, providing for the safe operation of the unit, upgrading the supporting technological devices, using the unit for recycling plutonium, and personnel management.

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