Russian ore maker sets into operation Novy-2 patch at Burluksky ore deposit of Krasnoyarsk Region

9 August 2006 (14:00)

Irbinsky branch of Evrazruda JSC (part of Evraz Group) started developing Novy-2 patch in view of the forthcoming depletion of Novy-1 patch. The patches are located within .5 km away of each other. Together, they form the so-called Small Open Pits of Burluksky ore deposit.

By the November 2006, the reserves of Novy-1 patch will have been extracted completely. By then, the company is to build trenches, a road to the pit, and a lip trench, carry the equipment from Novy-1 over to Novy-2 and construct a 6-kilovolt power line to supply the outfit with electricity. This was reported by Evrazruda PR-department.

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