Evrazruda looks at quality of produce in third quarter of 2006

Evrazruda (part of Evraz Group) assessed its success in terms of raising the raw stuff and final product quality in the third quarter of 2006. All of the company’s ore mining enterprises managed to meet the demands concerning the iron content in the ore and ore concentrate they extract; Abagurskiy and Myndybashskiy processing plants met the demands concerning the quality of agglomerate and commercial concentrate. Besides, all of the company divisions were able to reduce the iron content in the final tailings.

Technicians of Gurievskiy subsidiary, who had been working on raising the effectiveness of their bolting machines, increased the amount of 32-80 mm limestone.

The experts of Teyskiy subsidiary assembled three samplers meant for taking samples of ore for chemical analysis. As the process is automated, it makes the work of the supervisors easier and much safer. The workers are also planning to install samplers for concentrate and tailings before the end of the year, reports the spokesperson for Evrazruda.

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