1.2bn RUR to be invested in Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant in 2006

30 May 2006 (09:26)

Head of Federal Atomic Power Agency Sergey Kirienko has arrived at Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant and is currently examining the construction site of power generating unit BN-800 in order to discuss the construction procedures with the station management. In 2006, 1 billion RUR is to be allotted to this project from the federal budget and another 200 million – by RosAtom, Federal Atomic Power Agency, of which 685m will be spent on building and assembly jobs, 330m on equipment, 185m on design effort and development works.

This year, the company employees are expected to put up the base plates for the reactor, the machine compartment, the housing, the coastal pumphouse, and the off-take and to complete construction and assembling of the housing equipment. The visit of Mr Kirienko is predicted to result in the settlement of the estimate of expenditures and of the possible increase in the federal subsidies in 2006.

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