Beloyarskaya power plant preparing to start BN-600 power-generating unit

Beloyarskaya power plant is completing the scheduled equipment inspection and preparing to start the BN-600 power-generating unit.

The unit was shut down on March 24, 2006 in order to carry the inspection out and to get the unit refueled.

Since then, the reactor of BN-600 was refueled and one of its six sodium-sodium heat exchangers was replaced in order to investigate it within the framework of the Program for Support of Extension of BN-600 Projected Service Life. The scheduled routine maintenance operations, including installation of a modern field system at the electric generator No. 4, overhaul of the turbine No. 5 and the electric generator No. 6 were accomplished as well.

The start of BN-600 is scheduled for May 21, 2006. Then the power unit is expected to reach its rated power level gradually, within one or two days.

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