Thunderstorm causes power cuts in mains of Regional Network Company

A strong thunderstorm caused some power cuts in mains of Regionalnaya Setevaya Kompaniya JSC (Regional Network Company) last night; among the affected towns were Beresovskiy and Sysert.

In Beresovskiy, a high-voltage line failed to transmit electricity but was soon made to operate again. In Sysert, there were 3 power cuts yet everything is back to normal now. Overall, 18 breakdowns had to be fixed last weekend. One of them had to do with a car running over the high-voltage line support in Pervouralsk; the offender has already been found and the case transferred to the traffic wardens. Another accident was caused by the owner of a private house in Nizhniye Sergi who decided to fell some of the trees near his place; this led to power cuts in 6 buildings, so the party at fault will have to pay for the repairs and the new cable.

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