Electric power station equipment partly breaks down in Yekaterinburg

18 January 2006 (10:52)

The arrival of bitterly cold weather in the Urals makes it necessary for the electric power station workers to do their very best. According to Yekaterinburgskaya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya (Electric Supply Network Company of Yekaterinburg) JSC, residents of Shirokaya Rechka area got it bad last night due to the unusually low temperature which caused part of the electric power plant equipment to break down. Since the boiler house that provided for the heating was connected to the power station and thus failed to work, a Diesel generator had to be urgently installed instead, with all the heating system re-connected to the generator to prevent the pipe damage.

An emergency team sent by Yekaterinburgskaya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya arrived at the site for repairs, which led to power cuts in the area. Yet the electricity supplies had already been fully restored by 10 o’clock.

The ad hoc committee is now keeping track of all electric power plants in Yekaterinburg, though it is, sadly, not feasible to prevent all possible contingencies. The reasons for this are the low-temperature-sensitive and worn-out equipment and current overload caused by lots of heaters used by a great number of people simultaneously. Electric power station workers now see their main task in managing any occurring contingencies as promptly as possible, which is particularly important in areas with boiler houses.

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