Lawsuit concerned with Microsoft author’s rights violation ends with Jus.P. of Varnenskiy district returning a verdict of guilty

21 April 2006 (11:42)

The verdict of guilty brought in on Rafael Mirkhaidarov has come into effect. Mr Mirkhaidarov was found guilty of illegal use of copyrightable matter and violation of allied rights (Clause 146 (Part 2) of Russian Criminal Code).

As the spokesperson for public prosecution authorities of Chelyabinsk Region said to UrBC representative, this case was unique in that the victim was a representative of Microsoft Corporation. This is an unprecedented occurrence, despite the fact that the region is often troubled with incidents of author’s rights violation.

Mr Mirkhaidarov had been charged with acquisition, transportation and storing of 13 counterfeited CDs that contained copies of Microsoft products. Mr Mirkhaidarov had intended to sell them. The damage done to Microsoft Corporation is estimated at 109,970 RUR.

During the court sitting, the accused placed an application asking to return a verdict without the actual trial proceedings as he fully admitted his guilt. He was fined 5,000 RUR, and the CDs were disposed of.

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