Yekaterinburg Dweller Sentenced to 240-Hour-Community Service for Selling Pirated Microsoft Software

Yekaterinburg Zhelesnodorozhny District Court pronounced a verdict of guilty upon a Yekaterinburg dweller named U. who had been charged with copyright violation and five instances of illegal access to computer data. The court’s verdict was based on the evidence provided by the state prosecutor.

It was determined by the court that U. used his Internet connection to copy a number of computer programs onto CDs between March 12, 2011 and March 14, 2011. The computer software in question is copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation, Corel Corporation, 1C, and Adobe Systems Incorporated.

What is more, the culprit did know that his copy of Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Russian Version was illegitimate, but still copied the software from his CD onto computers of a number of third parties.

The court found U. guilty of the charges and sentenced him to 240 hours of community service.

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