Chelyabinsk electricity supplier holds project team meeting concerning charges for connecting to its networks

20 March 2006 (09:42)

On March 16, 2006, Chelyabenergo JSC, Chelyabinsk Regional electricity Supplier, held a project team meeting concerning charges for connecting to the company’s networks. The meeting was visited by Chelyabinsk Regional and municipal governments’ representatives.

According to GD of Chelyabenergo Evgeny Kryuchkov, there is a long felt need for connection charges. Numbers of networked electricity consumers as well as the demand for Chelyabenergo electricity networking have been growing during the last few years. This growth was induced by the general growth of Chelyabinsk Regional economies and by the growing welfare of Chelyabinsk population. Therefore, the tasks of availability engineering are becoming more and more complex with every new consumer being networked, continuous modernization of Chelyabenergo electricity networks notwithstanding.

The persons to be charged for electricity networking will be those who are interested in the connection and those who will hand in an application for technical specifications delivery.

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