Chelyabinsk Region energy supplier undergoes quality certification process

28 September 2006 (12:48)

The first quality certificates for electricity provided by ChelyabEnergo, Chelyabinsk Region energy supplier, were awarded to two main substations at Sportivnaya station belonging to Chelyabinsk electrical networks.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the quality audit is based on two criteria, namely, voltage level and frequency. Failing to keep up with these parameters may lead to breakdowns in the operation of home appliances and reduce their lifetime.

The certification procedure is carried out by the experts from Vektra Ltd., Moscow-based certifying body. They read the equipment data in some substations and make conclusions as to the quality of electricity. The results of this testing are then compiled into a report, and a quality certificate is issued to a substation.

The certification program is expected to last three years; before the end of the year, Chelyabinsk electrical networks and a few central substations should be fully tested.

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