Building materials producer of Chelyabinsk assesses its achievements in 2005

27 February 2006 (10:44)

Chelyabinsk-Stroyindustriya Manufacturing Commercial Enterprise Ltd. (part of ChelSI) building materials producer of Chelyabinsk, produced 3.5 million tons of rock products in 2005.

Thus, the enterprise produced 2.3 million tons of crushed stone, 1.1 million tons of macadam-sand mixture, 395,000 tons of asphalt, 40,000 cubic meters of concrete, 120,000 square meters of paving slabs, 100,000 square meters of curbing, 130,000 fencing units, 200,000 face wall bricks, 300,000 masonry units, 10 kilometers of gutter, reports ChelSI spokesperson.

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