Magnesite Industrial Complex uses new grinding machines

13 February 2006 (09:22)

The new grinding machines were put into operation under the supervision of Austrian Kodia and German Wassmer specialists at Magnesite Industrial Complex JSC today, the company’s spokesperson said to UrBC representative.

The company employees have gone through additional training and have been given operation instructions.

Kodia President Herbert Kopitar met Magnesite GD Igor Anikievitch to assess the completion of their joint project. Mr Kopitar found the new grinding equipment highly advanced in terms of technology, maneuverability, and measuring precision. Magnesite JSC employees commented on the machines being economical, cutting back on waste production, producing higher precision items, improved profitability and competitiveness.

All the periclase-carbonaceous items are expected to be produced with the maximally permitted positive nonideality of +1.5 to +2 given during presswork. Then, after the thermal treatment, the items will be given the needed size through grinding.

These Wassmer grinding machines were bought within the framework of the investment program run throughout 2005 and installed at the magnesia products shop №1 and magnesia products plant of Magnesite Industrial Complex JSC. This cost the company 44.6 million RUR.

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