Magnesite Industrial Complex installs unique natural gas record-keeping equipment

2 November 2006 (12:48)

Magnesite Industrial Complex (part of Magnesite Group) installed unique natural gas record-keeping equipment at No. 1 and No. 2 gas-distributing units. This is the first equipment of such kind in Russia.

The company used to have SuperFlow II (precision of 1.1% to 2.5%, depending on the flow), yet due the ever-growing energy resource tariffs the management of the Complex and of Magnesite Group decided to switch to the modern facility based on Dutch Q Sonic ultrasonic transducer (precision of up to .6%).

As the spokesperson for Magnesite Group said to UrBC representative, this new record-keeping system allows the Complex to save money due to reducing the nonmanufacturing costs. Another commercial benefit consists in fitting it into the automated corporate management information system, which will make it possible to assess the flow of natural gas in real time, obtain statistical data and thus plan ahead in terms of resource budget.

The economic bonuses of this system in money terms will have become apparent in two months’ time; this is the period when the natural gas flow will be monitored with both old and new equipment.

Introducing the new record-keeping system is part of a larger investment program of Magnesite Group. This program is expected to last until 2010 and provides for 6bn RUR worth of investments, of which 1.65bn is to be spent on the development of Magnesite Industrial Complex.

‘All of the companies of Magnesite Group are upgrading their production, which covers equipment, automation and many other things. Modern vehicles and machines and advanced technologies allow the Group to build up its share of Russian and global markets,’ says General Director of Magnesite Group Sergey Odegov.

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